The Gap Year

Since I was 15, I've known exactly what course I want to do at exactly which University. As much as I hated college, I somehow managed to power through and get my A Levels, with only the thought of my dream Uni keeping me from quitting. After two years of dreading five days out of the week, avoiding certain teachers and barely pulling together all the scraps of my lessons, I finally got the grades and secured my place at Cardiff University.

But I'm not going.

I'm not going, because after drowning in stress over the last two years, it doesn't really make much sense to come up for breath, then dive into more unknown waters. I've put off going for one year, so I can spend some time not having to worry about coursework or emails or anything really important. Just one year, and then I'll get back to it.

So now I'm on a gap year, can you guess what I'm going to do? Of course I'm going to go travelling. But I'm going to spend a lot more time working in order to make money to go travelling, which isn't quite as fun. But it does mean that I won't get too bored and I'll use my free time more wisely (I hope).

Hopefully I'll be doing some regular updates on travel plans, gap year life and other little bits and bobs. I've got a new memory card for my camera and I won't have any college work getting in the way of blogging time, yay!


Five months ago, my boyfriend, friend and I all sat in front of a computer, scouring the web for villas and apartments anywhere hot enough to enjoy our first adventure abroad. The only conditions: it had to be big enough to accommodate our enormous friend group, and cheap enough for a bunch of 17/18 year olds to be able to afford in the first place. I wrote out notes in order to give the others a presentation (which I wasn't allowed to give because it was "too much") but I was so eager to get people on board and stop it from being a pipe dream. Fast forward to June and...

Cue days by the pool, trying to relax but having seven full grown guys trying to play fight each other and therefore getting splashed.

And trips to the beach, taking the route the friendly shopkeeper drew us, which might have been on an unbearable slope but was eventually worth it to see the fish in the water.

And all pitching in to try and make 10 people's worth of food in one go, I was on salad duty but helped with the most amazing spaghetti bolognese and tried to help with a barbecue in the rain.

And lest we forget the cheap alcohol and getting served a week or so shy of my 18th birthday, we made the most of it, visiting three cocktail bars and a karaoke bar. Yes, a karaoke bar. No, I don't regret it.

 We only saw a small part of Corfu, a small area called Agios Stefanos and a nearby village Kassiopi, with a very short trip to Corfu Town on the last day. I adored my entire holiday, made perfect by the welcoming, friendly Greek people. From the taxi drivers all part of one family to the restaurant owners who shook our hands and treated us like their best friends, and the cocktail waitresses who did shots with us. We all know that Greece is in trouble right now, and many are clueless as to whether we can help. Some of us can. Next time you are booking a holiday, choose Greece, in everything. For one thing, it's cheaper on our end too. Book a bargain holiday (through a Greek airline if possible) bring lots of euros and indulge in the delicious food and beautiful trinkets you can find. You won't be the only one better off for it. We can't all afford to go on holiday obviously, I certainly can't, but if you or someone you know if planning to take a trip but you're not sure where, then go Greece!

The Radical Notion...

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I've been meaning to do this post for a while but I've been putting it off. And after writing a few lines it'll probably remain in my drafts for a little while longer.* But this is something that is really important to me, more important than clothes or makeup or even tea(!!!)

I am a feminist. I have been a feminist since I was about 14, when Tumblr started getting bombarded with text posts about inequality between women and men and all those in between. I bought Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti, and read it over a weekend. And that's when the ranting started, every single time a family member says anything sexist then there will be a frantically escalating debate probably resulting in me crying tears of rage (I will develop decent argumentative skills one day).

Nobody can deny that feminism right now is a bit on-trend. People are becoming feminists because people they are friends with and people they admire are becoming feminists. And so what? I would not have realised the importance for feminism if it weren't for the popularity of feminist Tumblr posts, but it doesn't make me any less of one today. People are welcomed in by the fad but are most likely going to stay forever feminist.

Since I started writing this post, Emma Watson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and probably a mass of other celebrities I don't follow so closely have been contributing to feminism. And Sam Pepper has contributed to the ever-existing patriarchy. Groan. I probably should have written and posted it while it was most relevant, but it's kind of always going to be relevant. Relevant to me, relevant to you, relevant to all women and all men and all people.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

I left this post kinda open, but I hope to do a follow up soon. How would you feel about seeing a regular (weekly, bi weekly..?) feminist post on this here blog? It's a subject that means the world to me and I'd love to get other people involved and on board.

Deep breaths.
-Deenie xoxo

*It has been 7 weeks since writing that sentence!

Rimmel Apocalips Matte

Picked this up from work, wore it the next day to a party. Wore it the day after to college, wore it yesterday for my sister's birthday meal. This stuff is amazing! I have it in 307 Meteoric Matte. As you can see, it looks a bit pink in the photo and more purple in the bottle, but in person it's more between the two, red in good lighting but a wine colour mostly. 

Basically, this stays on for ages (and I am a constant lip-nibbler) and is only slightly on the drying side. It's super thick to apply so really messy people like me might need to be careful! Although this sticks to your lips like superglue, it makes marks wherever possible, it somehow ended up marking the letter N on the keyboard in the Media Suite at college, whoops!
I'm totally going to go buy this up in as many different colours as possible. 

See you!
-Deenie xoxo


Jumper - H&M, Skirt - New Look (last year), Bag - Forever 21
I didn't realise how dull this outfit was until I was editing these photos and saw that the only colour comes from the Autumn leaves, oops. 

This is all basically to showcase my new bag from Forever 21! After I moaned a little about my wearing old college bag in this post, I decided it truly was time to invest in a big old tote for the next year or so. I made Sam sign up for the newsletters to slash a fiver off the price #bargain.

It smelt kind of fishy when it arrived? But that wore off after a day or so and I am really loving how roomy this bag is! It's got three compartments (one zipped up) and it will fit practically everything in it. I could probably sneak my dog into college with this Mary Poppins bag.

And as for the outfit, this is the third time I've worn this jumper on the blog, and I'm wearing it as I type, it's simple but I love it. And the skirt I bought last Christmas with a gift card, it's about two sizes two big for me and this is the first time I've worn it, not half bad with the belt cinched in tight enough!

-Deenie xoxo

How Do You Take Your Tea?

One perk to being a close friend of mine is that I'll always remember how to make your perfect cuppa. It used to be called my specialtea (cringe). 

Tea is always such a big part of my life, in the colder months I refuse to crawl out of my duvet without the promise of a wake-me-up cuppa and instantly flick the kettle on the second I'm back from college, there's nothing nicer than sitting by the window doing some coursework or tapping away at a blog post with a little rain patting down on the windows, steam rising from your mug. And then comes the Summer, where tea is still my favourite drink, only iced and packed full of sugar and fruit flavours. And then there's a lunchtime green tea to go with a healthy salad and a post-yoga camomile and honey in the evenings, black white and green teas with fruit infusions when I'm feeling adventurous but my favourite is simple english breakfast. Tetley or PG tips only.

I guess this is just a little love letter to tea. Mine's with milk and two sugars.

-Deenie xoxo

Colourful Leaves!

Coat - Red Herring (old), Jumper/Shirt - Primark, Necklace - Gift

I got rained on a little but I wouldn't let it dampen the mood and I stepped out into the garden in the pouring rain just to show off my new top that I wanted to get in my last post! £12 well spent, I say! I'm also still loving my Kate Moss lipstick and failed to do my new full fringe justice in these pictures (another time).

I don't really mind the rain all that much, it just means that I can tuck myself into my duvet with less guilt! I'm really getting into this Autumn, look how pretty all the leaves are ~~~ I've been making multiple cups of tea each afternoon and even cracked open the Whittards Creme Brulee hot chocolate just for Sam - with squirty cream and marshmallows galore. How have you been getting seasonal this October?

Happy Autumning!
-Deenie xoxo