Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Canalside Adventures

You know those awful moments in life when you're outfit's pretty dandy and your surroundings are nothing short of beautiful, and you don't have your camera on you?

I mean, thank goodness for smartphones and all that, but my Nokia Lumia 520 just really doesn't cut it in emergency snap moments. Sad Deenie.

This little section of the Grand Union Canal is a short drive away from my Gramma's house, so we've visited it the last couple of times we've come to stay. There's a family pub just out of these shots called The Paper Mill, and it really is sweet, last Summer me and my cousin had the most delicious homemade lemonade!

Next time I visit I vow to have my good camera on hand, these pictures really can't do it any justice!

And let's ignore how absent I've been, blame college and coursework and exams...
-Deenie xoxo

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bloomin' England

I thought the title made sense as through the typically English weather that follows our short burst of sunshine, you can just about see the lovely purple blossoms blooming from the tree at the back of the garden- Springtime!

My Easter Sunday has been cracking (hehe), a day full of chocolate, hot cross buns, a roastie and a plate of profiteroles has treated this little piggy well!

After my final two (overdue) pieces of coursework are completed, and it's onto revision I go, I actually have a few posts planned for this blog and it's got to the stage where my ideas are filling up post it notes all over my desk- creativity has to happen when your time is scarce, doesn't it?

How has your Easter weekend been? Lovely I hope!
-Deenie xoxo

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I was going to shove this picture on to the end of my next post, but I decided that I could give you all a bigger laugh about how much of a massive dork I was. Or am...

Sam fixed my old DS yesterday night, so I was able to visit the Animal Crossing town that I used to spend hours per day on. Yeah, hours. We also competed against each other on Brain Training Academy, and I couldn't beat the nine year old me's score. :(

We also picked out my old Sims games, bringing back bad memories. Now, everybody loves or has loved the Sims, but with me it was an unhealthy obsession. I had every single expansion pack for the Sims 2, had Sims 3 pre-ordered months before its release and I was an active member of the 'Simming Community'. I actually ended up finding my old Sims Blog, which epitomises the length to which I simmed. Poor, poor 12 year old Deenie, she hadn't discovered the outside world yet.

And then I remembered all my puppies from Nintendogs, by far the best DS game I owned. It was the pre-Bonny days, and I couldn't have been happier to whistle into a little screen and greet my Shiba Inu. Which, by the way, is a beautiful breed and I fully intend to own one when I'm older.

I hope you all have a slightly deeper understanding into how tragic my life was and sometimes still is.

-Deenie xoxo

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ribbons & Crafty Bits

The other day I was meeting Sam for his lunch break at work, and while I was waiting took a trip into The Works and picked up a couple of ribbon reels. Thanks to Tumblr and Pinterest, I've had a couple of craft projects on my mind to treat my friends with (but that's a secret for now). I thought these two were really adorable and if I don't use them for little crafty gifts, I could use them for little room deco bits, or maybe use the lace to alter some plain clothes.

I definitely need to learn how to sew and I've always wanted to learn how to knit. I just need some more creative outlets since college and job hunting has been making my life feel a little black and white recently. 

Does anybody know of any crafty bloggers I can learn some tips and tricks from?

Thanks guys!
-Deenie xoxo

Friday, 11 April 2014

Day At The Zoo

On Tuesday, being it the Easter Holidays, I decided to surprise Sam with a trip to Marwell Zoo! Once he knew where we were going, he was so excited, it was fantastic!

We trained it up to Eastleigh and then took the Velvet Bus from there to the zoo (there were only three other people on the bus, it was crazy). Getting in, we ran straight over to the penguins and I totally transformed back into the 7 year old me who last visited the zoo, it was exciting stuff!

After getting about halfway through the animals (penguins, ostriches, giraffes, gazelles etc) we stopped for a bite to eat in Cafe Graze. What was meant to be a nice calming cuppa turned out to be a big embarrassment: I pressed the wrong button on the drinks machine so the woman behind me had to do it for me, and then when pouring milk into my tea, put my hand in someone's discarded cappuccino, spilling the contents all over me and staining my tights :(

After washing my hands free of sticky coffee smell, and walking around the wallabies and monkies, Sam was mucking about and ended up knocking me onto a pile of rabbit poo in a field, so I was grumpy and grubby once again. My life is tragic.

I'd actually intended to do my first ever OOTD-type post, but it was about 2 degrees colder than I'd expected so I had to wear Sam's jacket for the majority of the day, and then by the end of it the only pictures taken that could possibly showcase my outfit were the above two. Another day, eh.

It probably will remain the best day of this Easter holiday (the rest of it being filled up with job interviews and college work). Deffo recommend going to the zoo, with kids, with friends, by yourself, whatever. It's so cool. Plus, donating to zoos helps keep lovely animals in existence!

Ta-ra now
-Deenie xoxo

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Sister: What even is Pinterest?
Me: Imagine a big cork board but instead of just pinning photos on it, you can put web pages on there.
Mum: Oh, Tash at work uses something like that for craft ideas. It's called something different though...
Me: Is it Tumblr?
Mum: No, it's called Pinchest.

I realised that I use Pinterest exactly how I use pinboards in real life, to put motivating pictures involving the future on there to get me working towards said future. In real life, I have a doodle of me looking swish: to-go coffee in hand standing outside of the big magazine empire I own (far fetched? moi?)
And on Pinterest, I have...

Believe it or not, I actually started this blog due to my unrequited love for fashion. Well, I say fashion, but I couldn't name you ten fashion designers if my life depended on it- lets go with style! Due to a massive lack of confidence and, um money, the only way I can vent my fashtration (okay, that was meant to be a pun on fashion-frustration but it sounds more like a nasty sickness) is by pinning outfits I can maybe sort of imagine myself in. If only I were rich and looked like a model...

I used to be an avid baker, but sadly I haven't had the time of late. And as for arts and crafts, I haven't given them a proper go since the age of 10! (Speaking of, my talented friend Pippa has an amaaazing blog with her sister, where she posts really great little ideas- Peas and Seas) Pinterest is my way of telling myself that if and when I do get back into creating things in my free time, I've got a loads of great things to try out!

Everybody has a board full of interior inspo, and being a poor 16 year old doesn't excuse you from this. Planning out my future home is something I've been doing since I can remember, and having Pinterest has made this so much easier. Can time just skip forward to when I'm rich and have a mansion full of rooms I can fill with beauty?

A little closer time-wise is my Hopes for Uni board. Hopefully, in a year and a half I'll be whizzing off to live, laugh and learn and I can't wait! What I will miss though, is my bedroom, so I'm determined to have a University room that makes me feel at home and cosy as can be. Don't ask me with what money I am going to do this, because I simply do not know.

I have a bunch of other generic pinboards but I thought I'd give you all a taste of what my favourite, most updated pins looked like. And I'm not going to bother you all with another apology and weak explanation as to why I haven't posted in so long, you're all probably sick to death of them.

Happy Pinning!
-Deenie xoxo

p.s. the credits for all the pictures above can be found by clicking on them and visiting the  pin boards!